Parisian wedding videographer since 2014, expertly crafts cinematic love stories in the most luxurious venues, capturing the essence of natural beauty, chic aesthetics, and timeless elegance.

Step into the world of Selim Mahieu, a skilled wedding videographer with a decade of expertise, based in the romantic embrace of Paris. At the age of 30, Selim has devoted himself to capturing the essence of love in the most exquisite settings, specializing in luxury weddings.

Selim Mahieu’s unique approach weaves together natural charm, timeless sophistication, and refined elegance, creating a distinctive style that sets him apart. Possessing an artist’s keen eye for detail and a perfectionist’s dedication, Selim artfully transforms every wedding into a visual masterpiece, turning the celebration into a cinematic experience like no other.

over 200 weddings, Selim’s portfolio is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. Renowned for his discreet presence, he capt emotions that unfold naturally. His unobtrusive approach ensures that every film preserving the authenticity.

Selim Mahieu crafts visual narratives that transcend time, capturing the magic of love in its purest form. His passion, precision, and unwavering pursuit of perfection make him a sought-after artist, turning each wedding into a tale.


Selim has a deep appreciation for visual aesthetics. He has shared his life with a woman for over 11 years and recently welcomed a child. Selim stands out for his discreet and sensitive character. He values elegance in all aspects of his life. Sport has played an important role in Selim’s daily life for more than 6 years.

200+ Love stories

For the past 10 years, Selim have filmed more than 200 weddings across France. He have visited the majority of reception venues and collaborated with most luxury wedding planner.

Artisan Work

Selim personally handles all his framing and editing, taking charge of every aspect of the process. He doesn’t collaborate with any video editor to delegate tasks. Selim’s work is entirely carried out by himself from start to finish.

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